Massive rashist attack on the Dnieper: damage and casualties

08:32 22 May Kyiv, Ukraine

On the night of May 22, Russian troops carried out a large-scale attack on the Dnieper and its environs. Civilians heard more than 15 explosions, as stated by the head of the Dnepropetrovsk regional administration, Sergei Lysak.

As a result of a night operation, fighters from the Vostok Air Command successfully shot down 15 unmanned aerial vehicles and 4 cruise missiles. However, unfortunately, there were also "arrivals".
In the Dnieper region, a 27-year-old man was injured as a result of a rocket attack. His condition is assessed as moderate, and he is in the hospital to receive the necessary medical care..

The buildings of the rescue unit were also damaged, two of which were engulfed in flames but quickly extinguished. More than 10 trucks and cars, as well as an equal number of specialized vehicles, were damaged.
25 private cars and 2 buses were also damaged.. There was also a hit in one of the private companies in Dnipro. Three buildings were seriously damaged.

In the Illarionovskaya community of the Sinelnikovsky district, an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed, and fragments of a rocket were also found.
As a result of the incident, 7 people were injured, including women aged 52 and 70, who are in the hospital. 3 private houses and 9 multi-apartment buildings were also damaged.

In addition, a kindergarten, several shops and office buildings were damaged. As a result of these events, 6 cars were damaged. The survey of the area is currently ongoing.