Krivoy Rog is completely de-energized - OVA

17:40 23 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The head of the city military administration Oleksandr Vilkul said that as of 16:00 Krivoy Rog was completely de-energized. A rescue operation began to lift the miners from the mines.

It is noted that an emergency plan is activated in Krivoy Rog in case of a complete blackout. Water intakes, pumping stations, small boiler houses and hospitals have been converted to generators.
"Large boiler houses, powered by high-voltage lines, cannot work on generators. People have already been taken out of the subway. A rescue operation has begun to lift the miners from the mines," Vilkul said.

He called on the management of enterprises of all forms of ownership and businesses to let workers go home, as well as help with their transportation, since electric transport does not work.