Grenade under the pillow: sappers spoke about the course of demining the Kharkiv region

12:45 27 September Kyiv, Ukraine

In the liberated from the Russian military territories of the Kharkiv region, sappers concentrated on clearing roads, roadsides, residential buildings, state and public institutions, schools and kindergartens. Experts say that the Russians in the region widely used a variety of ammunition and mining methods, neglecting the provision of the Geneva Convention.

This was reported in the Eastern Operational-Territorial Association of the National Guard.

Sappers of the National Guard are working on the territory of the Zolochevsky, Dergachevsky and Kharkov regions, which were occupied by Russians two weeks ago. In Cossack Lopan, the enemy mined civilian residential buildings and streets, and found hand grenades planted under almost every pillow. The enemy combines anti-tank mines TM-62 instead of a standard explosive with anti-personnel mines PMN-2 (anti-personnel high-explosive pressure action. - Ed.), Where the actuation force is 8–25 kilograms. During the clearance of the Makarov school, a sapper from my group died. Depending on the contamination of the area, the specialist spends as much time as he needs to clear the area: he can walk 100 meters in 10 minutes, or in an hour or two, ”says Trotil.