Hyperlinks warn of a cyberattack of government agencies

11:28 07 July Kyiv, Ukraine

According to the State Service for Special Communications, hackers began sending letters to government agencies that, when opened, launch a malicious program and infect the device.

"The governmental team of response to computer emergency events of Ukraine CERT-UA, operating under the State Special Communications Service, warns of the distribution of new dangerous emails with the subject line "Specialized Prosecutor's Office in the Military and Defense Sphere. Information about the availability of vacancies and their staffing.
It is explained that the letters have attachments in the form of an XLS document containing a macro, the activation of which will lead to the creation and launch of the file "write.exe" on the computer.

Thus, the device will be affected by the Cobalt Strike Beacon malware.

Ukrainian experts believe that the hacker group UAC-0056, which was "lit up" during previous cyber attacks on Ukraine, is related to the mailing of letters.