Another ex-Minister of Defense declared suspicion of treason

15:43 08 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Ex-Minister of Defense Mikhail Yezhel is suspected of high treason.

This was reported by the employees of the GBR.
"Employees reported suspicion of high treason to the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Mikhail Yezhel, who, having agreed on the signing of the Kharkiv agreements, contributed to the Russian Federation in the occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea" - SBI.

It is noted that the admiral, who at one time was the commander-in-chief of the Naval Forces of Ukraine and understood all the risks of the continued presence of the Russian fleet on the territory of Ukraine, agreed on the entire package of documents necessary for the implementation of the so-called. Kharkov agreements.

The Minister of Defense of Ukraine agreed on the drafts of these documents without even attending a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on April 21, 2010, where they were discussed, and also without a mandatory legal examination.

Suspicion Yezhel announced in absentia. He is wanted.