Voluntarily went to work for the occupiers: in Kherson, the SBI detained two collaborators

11:18 23 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Law enforcement officers detained two residents of Kherson, who, during the temporary occupation of the city, voluntarily went to work for the Russian administration in a captured penal colony.

This was reported to the GBR.

Both men did not cooperate with the Russians for the first few months of the occupation, but responded when they announced a "recruitment of employees" to the captured Northern Correctional Colony No. 90.

In the correctional institution, as detectives say, there was a serious shortage of personnel, because many deliberately refused to work for the enemy.

Men who worked as drivers before the occupation became "junior inspectors of the 2nd category of the security department" among the Russians.
"They followed the instructions of the invaders, guarded the detainees and convicts, including Ukrainian patriots, received a salary in rubles. The collaborators justified that the occupiers gave them a "social" status and position. But at the same time, they provided weapons that they were ready to use against their fellow countrymen, ”says the SBI.
Both detainees have already reported suspicions of collaborative activities. They face imprisonment for up to fifteen years with confiscation of property.