Children found a mine in the sandbox - State Emergency Service of Ukraine

15:55 01 June Kyiv, Ukraine

The children found a fragmentation anti-personnel mine of circular destruction in the sandbox.

This was reported by the mobile rescue center of rapid response of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine.
"During the games in the sandbox, the children discovered POM-2 (a splintered anti-personnel mine of circular destruction). Pyrotechnicians of the MSC BR of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine neutralized the mine at the place of discovery," the report says.

The Mobile Rescue Center did not specify where and when the mine was found.

However, the rescuers made it clear that we are talking about the private sector.
"The natural curiosity of children prompts them to dangerous actions and experiments.. They may try to dismantle the ammunition, bring it home, or test it with blows.. It is important to explain to children how to act in case of detection of an explosive object," the rescuers turned to their parents.