The militants forcibly mobilized all the men of the Luhansk meat processing plant

20:59 05 July Kyiv, Ukraine

During a new wave of forced mobilization in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk region, the militants took all the male workers of the meat-packing plant in Luhansk into the troops.

This was reported in the Special Operations Forces.

Since the beginning of June, an increase in the number of patrols on the streets that were looking for men was recorded in ORDLO. Prior to this, the pace of forced mobilization decreased for a while, in particular, due to the actions of disgruntled women. However, after the militants detained some of the picketers, the men began to search more actively again.

In addition to the workers of the meat processing plant in Luhansk, all men and the so-called "state academy of culture" were forcibly mobilized.

The Ukrainian military says that the Russians are expanding the geography of forced mobilization and have begun preparations for conscription in Berdyansk. There, the leaders of condominiums were ordered to provide lists of residents of houses of military age, and a condition for mobilization is a Russian passport.

Recall that during the "mobilization" the militants managed to raise the age of those who are forcibly taken to war from 55 to 65 years and collect "to form a mobilization reserve" lists of not only men, but also women.