Zelensky commented on the "referenda" of the Russian Federation in the occupied territories

08:37 21 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The positions of Ukraine will not change from the Kremlin's statements about holding "referendums" in the occupied territories.

This was announced on Tuesday, September 20, in a video message from President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The head of state noted that Moscow had not said anything new.
"Our positions are clear and well known. This is the only thing we should be interested in. Not what sounds somewhere, but what is our task," Zelensky stressed.
He called for even more support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, intelligence, SSO, SBU, National Guard, police, border guards - everyone who is gradually restoring our territorial integrity.
"Our positions do not change due to noise or any announcements from somewhere. And we have the full support of our partners in this. We see understanding not only from our partners, but also from those states that tried to stay away from our struggle," the president stressed.
In addition, Zelensky added that it is necessary to continue to maintain pressure and unity, to protect Ukraine, to liberate our land and not to show any weakness.