Zelensky: Receiving the status of a candidate for EU membership is an engagement

11:31 24 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Getting EU candidate status is an engagement.

"In the plane of not political, but human relations, obtaining the status of a candidate is an engagement. A serious step in relations between Ukraine and the EU. This is not just friendship, not sympathy, but a firm and official intention to become one in the future. In the near future" - Volodymyr Zelensky.
According to Zelensky, from now on we do not belong to "third countries". Ukraine will be able to join the work of individual bodies and new EU programs.

The government has also developed a roadmap for the implementation of EU legislation, norms and rules in all spheres of life. In addition, the parliament must approve a number of European integration laws.

The President stressed that Ukraine is implementing reforms according to its own convictions, as it seeks not to join, but to return to the European family.