For 149 days of the war, the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 39,240 invaders

10:21 23 July Kyiv, Ukraine

For the 150th day now, our defenders and defenders have courageously resisted the Russian invasion. They not only protect every meter of their native land and repel enemy assaults, but also send the invaders to the other world along with their equipment.

As of the morning of July 23, the General Staff reported 39,240 liquidated Russian fighters. Note that over the past day, 240 invaders joined the ranks of the "200th". Also, the enemy has significantly less equipment left.. Already destroyed:

  • tanks - 1708 units;
  • armored combat vehicles - 3,929 units;
  • artillery systems - 864 units;
  • MLRS - 253 units;
  • air defense systems - 113 units;
  • aircraft - 221 units;
  • helicopters - 188 units;
  • UAVs of the operational-tactical level - 714 units;
  • cruise missiles - 167 units;
  • ships / boats - 15 units;
  • automotive equipment and tankers - 2820 units;
  • special equipment - 72 units.

According to the agency, the enemy suffered the most losses over the past day in the Kramatorsk, Krivoy Rog and Bakhmut directions.. At the same time, it should be added that the relevant information is being specified.

What is the current situation at the front - operational information from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: watch the video