Armed Forces of Ukraine recognized missile attacks on Crimea

18:05 07 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian military carried out missile strikes on the airbases of the Russian aggressors in the temporarily occupied Crimea.

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, General Valery Zaluzhny and First Deputy Head of the Defense Committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Lieutenant General Mikhail Zabrodsky wrote about this in an article published on Ukrinform on Wednesday, September 7.

The article states that the main feature of Russia's war against Ukraine is the "decisive disproportion in capabilities". At the same time, it is impossible to rid the enemy of such an advantage, but the Ukrainians will be able to "oppose the enemy with their ability to act in a similar way and at a similar range."
“We are talking, of course, about the supply by Ukrainian partners for the Armed Forces of Ukraine of weapons systems or certain types of ammunition with an appropriate range,” the article says.
At the same time, it is emphasized that these are not only certain names, such as, for example, the MGM-140B ATACMS Block 1A missile for the Himars MLRS.
"An integrated approach should be taken to re-equip artillery, missile forces, tactical aviation and the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other components of their power," the article says.
Zaluzhny and Zabrodsky point out that one of the main examples of the correctness of this approach this year is the successful efforts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine "to physically transfer hostilities to the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea."
"We are talking about a series of successful missile strikes on the enemy's Crimean air bases, primarily on the Saki airfield," the article says.