Armed Forces of Ukraine in the south: destroy and capture the enemy, smash enemy equipment

09:21 03 September Kyiv, Ukraine

In the south, the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured three Russian soldiers, and also destroyed 106 invaders and 60 units of enemy equipment. During the day, the Russians launched eight air strikes on Ukrainian positions, in response, the aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine delivered 22 strikes. This was announced on Saturday, September 3, by the operational command of the South on Facebook.

"Two T-62 tanks, an airborne combat vehicle, BTR-82, a lot of collective and small arms with ammunition were captured," the report said.

Also, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the command and observation post of the 205th separate motorized rifle Cossack brigade in Snigirevka (Mykolaiv region) and a pontoon crossing near Cossack.

In addition, two points of ammunition supply and three ammunition in the Kherson and Berislav regions were hit.

Losses of Russians in the south per day:

  • 14 T-72 and T-62 tanks;
  • howitzer "Msta-B";
  • airborne self-propelled artillery and mortar installation;
  • two multiple rocket launchers "Uragan";
  • three 152-caliber gun-howitzers;
  • mobile mortar 120 caliber;
  • two unmanned reconnaissance aircraft;
  • 35 units of armored vehicles.

Recall that military intelligence intercepted a telephone conversation of the occupier, in which he described the scale of marauding of the military of the Russian Federation in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

In addition, the Russian military is stealing spare parts from their wrecked vehicles and trying to sell them or exchange them for alcohol.