All EU member states will take part in the training mission of Ukraine

14:03 15 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiers will train all EU countries as part of a military mission that can simultaneously train up to 15,000 Ukrainian troops. Each of the participating countries will take on a separate area of training.

This was announced by High Representative of the EU Josep Borrell in Brussels before the start of the second day of the EU Council of Ministers.
"Today we will look at how to move forward with the practical implementation of a training mission for the Ukrainian army. This mission becomes operational in just three months, and this is a record time for Europeans. 15 thousand Ukrainian soldiers will train in different EU member states. It will be a great effort to restore and improve the capabilities of the Ukrainian army. This mission will be key to our military assistance to Ukraine," he said.
Borrell added that each country will be responsible for its own direction of training.
"This is a very specific training that soldiers need. Warfare is now a very modern thing, it requires special abilities, the ability to use modern weapons and modern tactics. This is a war that is completely different from the "classic" wars we have seen in the past. The important thing is that different member countries will help with different training abilities. In the country that I know best, in my country, Spain, there will be training for Ukrainian soldiers. Not only in Poland, not only in the countries on the borders with Ukraine - all European countries will make their contribution," he added.