BP has simplified the registration of births and deaths through the courts in times of war

17:49 01 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada has simplified the procedure for registering the facts of birth and death through the courts in conditions of war and a state of emergency.

The corresponding bill No. 7310 was supported in the second reading by 264 people's deputies, according to data on the website of the parliament.

The document provides for amendments to the Civil Procedure Code.

According to the law, an application to establish the fact of birth or death of a person within the territory where martial law or a state of emergency is in force, as well as in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, can be submitted by parents, relatives or their representatives to any court of Ukraine, regardless of the place of residence (stay ) of the applicant.

The court will consider such cases without delay, and the approved decision is subject to immediate execution.

At the same time, a court decision on establishing the fact of the birth or death of a person may be appealed in the general procedure established by the Code of Civil Procedure.