Fighters for independence know its taste - Zaluzhny

11:10 24 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Zaluzhny: Fighters for independence know its taste - blood and death.

Zaluzhny announced this on Facebook.

The Supreme Commander quoted the defenders from the video as saying:
"How can you feel independence? Those who fight for it know its taste. It is the taste of the earth that eats into the skin. The taste of blood and death that permeates the air. The salty taste of tears. Independence is a responsibility that rests on your shoulders. You lead into battle and you know that not everyone will return from it.. Both the living and the fallen remain with you forever. On conscience. And in memory.

Zaluzhny emphasized that independence has a voice - the voice of ancestors and the voice of children.
"Independence is possible only when there are people who are ready to fight for it.. Thank you, defenders and defenders of Ukraine! I have the honor to serve with you. Eternal memory to the fallen heroes! Eternal glory to the living! Glory to Ukraine!" - Zaluzhny.