Military General Tarnavsky reports an unsuccessful Russian attack on the Tavria direction

16:05 01 May Kyiv, Ukraine

On the night from the past to this day, the troops in the Tavrian direction faced fierce attacks by the occupying forces.

This was announced by the commander of the operational-strategic group of troops "Tavria" Alexander Tarnavsky in Telegram.

According to the general, the enemy continues to concentrate its efforts on the Maryinsky and Avdeevsky directions, using operational-tactical and army aviation to strike at the positions of Ukrainian troops..

Over the past day, the losses of the Russians amounted to more than a company of killed and wounded.

The enemy used tanks, multiple launch rocket systems and cannon artillery to shell the positions of the Defense Forces and settlements along the line of contact.

During the attack, the enemy used the UAV to correct artillery fire.

The defense forces in the Tavria direction did not leave the enemy aggression unanswered and completed 232 fire missions during the night. Counter-battery combat and work on planned targets were also carried out successfully.
Despite 162 attacks during the night, the Ukrainian troops held their positions and repulsed the attack of the enemy, who retreated with heavy losses.