Prisoners of war who are to be exchanged will have their punishment canceled

11:16 29 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law according to which, Russian prisoners of war going for an exchange will be abolished punishment.
This is stated in the card of the document on the website of the Parliament..

The authors of the document were a group of people's deputies, in particular, Sergey Ionushas, Alexander Bakumov, Vyacheslav Medyanik, Galina Mikhailyuk and others.

The Criminal Code of Ukraine was supplemented with a new article 841 "Release from serving a sentence in connection with the adoption of a decision on the transfer of a convicted person for exchange as a prisoner of war", which provides for the release from serving a sentence of a convict in respect of whom an authorized body has decided to transfer for an exchange as a prisoner of war and to whom consent has been given for such an exchange.

At the same time, if the exchange did not take place, the court, at the request of the prosecutor, sends the convicted person for the subsequent serving of the previously imposed sentence..

It also provides for the possibility of the investigator, the judge, at the request of the prosecutor, canceling the preventive measure for the suspect or the accused, if the authorized body decided to transfer him for exchange as a prisoner of war.

There is also a case when a convict, whom the court released from serving a sentence and whose exchange took place, was again detained on the territory of Ukraine before the expiration of the limitation period for the execution of a guilty verdict due to participation in hostilities. In such a situation, the court will send him to serve the sentence.
It is reported that the adopted bill will make it possible to implement the procedure for the exchange of suspects, accused and convicted as prisoners of war., prisoners of war