Harvest of wheat, barley, peas and rapeseed completed in Ukraine

16:04 11 November Kyiv, Ukraine

As of November 11, more than 58 million tons of major crops have been harvested. The harvesting of wheat, barley, peas and rapeseed has been completed. This is reported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy.
"Ukrainian agrarians by November 11 harvested 58.11 million tons of main agricultural crops from a total area of 16.08 million hectares, while for the period November 4-11, they harvested 5 million tons from 0.94 million hectares," the press service of the Ministry reports. agricultural policy and food.
It is reported that the harvest of wheat, barley, peas and rapeseed has been completed.. Millet harvested from 95% (no change for the week), buckwheat - from 95% (no change), sunflower - from 93% (+ percentage points), soybeans - from 91% (+6 p.p.), sugar beet - from from 83% (+10 p.p.), corn - from 39% (+9 p.p.)

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, the final harvest of wheat this season amounted to 19.2 million tons from 4.7 million hectares, barley - 5.5 million tons from 1.6 million hectares, rapeseed - 3.1 million tons from 1.96 million hectares. , peas - 261 thousand tons out of 111.5 thousand hectares.