"Belarusian volunteer corps" appeared in Ukraine

15:34 26 December Kyiv, Ukraine

"Belarusian Volunteer Corps" (BDK) appeared in Ukraine. Its creation was announced by Belarusian volunteers Igor "Yanki" Yankov, Andrei "Bessmertny" Tratsevsky and Rodion "Gena" Batulin in a video on YouTube.
"The goal is the de-occupation of Ukraine and Belarus from Russian captivity. Intentions are confirmed daily by the destruction of the enemy at the front. The military ranks are growing daily. Devotion to the chosen path is seen every moment by our dead brothers. Belarus first of all!" the video says.
It is also indicated that the ranks of the fighters “grow every hour,” but it does not say exactly how many people joined the BDK, whether there are Ukrainians or representatives of other nationalities among them.