In Sevastopol, the Russians blocked the bay due to explosions - media

08:21 29 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Residents of occupied Sevastopol report explosions. Kremlin propagandists claim that Russian ships "repelled the attack of drones." This was reported by local Telegram channels.

The information was also confirmed by the Russian propaganda news agency TASS, citing the occupying authorities.

"The ships of the Black Sea Fleet are repelling the attack of drones, no objects in the city have been damaged," the report says.

In addition, there was information that the raid in Sevastopol was temporarily blocked.. In particular, ferries and boats do not go there. Movement between districts is possible only by buses.

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The raid through the Sevastopol Bay provides a connection between the northern and southern parts of the occupied city.

Recall that in Sevastopol, in the area of the Belbek airfield, an explosion was heard on October 19.

In addition, in early October, explosions were reported at a military base in Sevastopol.