Russia wants to create an "international tribunal" over Ukraine, involving Syria, Iran and Bolivia

10:12 25 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The head of the investigative committee of the Russian Federation, Alexander Bastrykin, proposed creating an "international tribunal" over the Ukrainian military, and inviting Syria, Iran and Bolivia to the number of judge countries.
"It would be more appropriate to work on this issue with Russian partners in such organizations as the CIS, CSTO, BRICS, SCO. The establishment of the court and its charter could be formalized by an agreement between Russia, the member countries of these organizations, the "Donetsk" and "Luhansk people's republics"," he said.
Bastrykin also believes that it is advisable to involve other countries that "demonstrate an independent position on the Ukrainian issue" in the work on the formation of an "international body of justice". Among such states, he named Syria, Iran and Bolivia.
Recall that Ukraine plans to create a one-time international tribunal to try the top leadership of Russia, including the current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.