The OP told what will be the victory of Ukraine over Russia

09:52 05 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine has a clear vision of what to consider as its victory in the Russian-Ukrainian war, and it is shared by partners, including the United States. This was stated on Friday, November 4, by the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Andriy Yermak, at a joint press conference with US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, answering a question from European Truth.

Yermak noted that Ukraine has already discussed with partners what it considers a victory. According to the head of the OP, Kyiv insists that this plan includes the complete de-occupation of all territories of Ukraine (that is, including the Donbass and Crimea), the payment of reparations by Russia and international guarantees that will not allow the Russian Federation to attack again.

"The understanding of victory is clearly articulated by us. This is the return of territorial integrity, this is compensation for what the invaders did to our country, this is the return of all our people from captivity, and this is the return of the world to a clear system of international security. These are the security guarantees that Ukraine demands so that this can never happen again in the future," Yermak said.

The head of the OP emphasized that this vision is aligned with the United States, whose representative Jake Sullivan was present at the meeting.

"Our understanding of victory completely coincides with the understanding of our partners, this is the most important thing," he said.. "We don't have any disagreements."

Yermak added that the main partners of Ukraine - the United States, Britain, Germany, France - say that they will support us until victory.

As reported, US national security adviser Jacob Sullivan visited Ukraine on Friday.