In October, during the day, the Russian army was losing the amount of equipment that would be enough for a battalion - British intelligence

13:57 03 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The troops of the Russian Federation in October lost 40 armored vehicles per day, and this is approximately equal to the number of battalion vehicles *. This is reported by the British Ministry of Defense with reference to intelligence data.

It is noted that Russian soldiers serving in Ukraine are frustrated that they are forced to serve in old infantry fighting vehicles, which they describe as "aluminum cans."
“In mid-October, during the offensive of the Ukrainian troops, the loss of Russian armored vehicles rose to more than 40 vehicles per day: this is approximately equal to the number of battalion equipment,” the report says.
Intelligence noted that in recent weeks, Russia has probably received at least 100 additional tanks and infantry fighting vehicles from the warehouses of Belarus.
"Armored units and artillery are central to the Russian way of warfare.. Russian forces in Ukraine are now experiencing problems partly due to difficulties in supplying both artillery ammunition and a sufficient number of serviceable armored vehicles.
* There are 31 tanks in the tank battalion of combined arms regiments and divisions of the Russian Federation: 30 units in three tank companies and one more - at the battalion commander