In the occupied Mariupol, the resistance movement under the sign "Ї" is growing

09:43 08 September Kyiv, Ukraine

In Mariupol, a resistance movement is growing under the sign of the Ukrainian letter "Ї".

This was reported by the adviser to the mayor of the city Petr Andryushchenko.

The partisan movement puts its "Ї" marks around the city, reminding the occupiers and collaborators that retribution is near.
"Mariupol. Resistance. Brief report for the day. Action "Ї" turns into a terrible dream of the occupation authorities. Letters appear not at all where they are looking for. And Mariupol residents, instead of "knocking" - join the drawing! And not only. More eyes, more ears, more hands in the city. MraZota begins to look back for real!" Andryushchenko writes.
TG-channel Mariupol. The Resistance writes a fuller reminder daily.
"Rusnya falls asleep - the Resistance wakes up!
Rusnya - do not sleep! Afraid! We are here! "Ї" is more than a letter "Ї" is more than a symbol. "Ї" is a protest "Ї" is about independence "Ї" is about our freedom