Invaders left behind more heavy weapons during retreat than Western countries delivered to Ukraine - WSJ

14:18 06 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The troops of the Russian Federation have become the main "suppliers" of heavy weapons for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, summarizes in his article The Wall Street Journal.
Such conclusions were reached thanks to the information of analysts and military officials.
Combined with arms seized during the Russian retreat from Kyiv and other parts of northern Ukraine in April, recent successes in the Kharkiv region have turned Moscow into by far the largest supplier of heavy weapons to Ukraine, well ahead of the United States or other allies in net numbers. However, Western weapons tend to be more advanced and accurate.
So, according to the OSINT-project Oryx, the Armed Forces of Ukraine captured the trophies left by the Russian troops:

- 421 tanks (320 from the West)

- 445 infantry fighting vehicles (210 from the West)

- 192 armored fighting vehicles (40 from the West)

- 44 multiple launch rocket systems (70 from the West)

- a significant amount of Soviet-standard artillery shells, which almost ended in Ukraine

These figures are approximate, notes the WSJ.. The actual amount of equipment inherited by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from Russia may be even greater.

One part of the captured equipment is ready for immediate use, the other is being repaired before returning to the front, the third - seriously damaged - is dismantled for spare parts.