Assets of Russians under EU sanctions arrested in Finland

10:15 15 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The Finnish authorities seized assets subject to EU sanctions, citizens of the Russian Federation, in the amount of about 189 million euros.
This was reported by the Finnish TV channel MTV Uutiset.
The range of seized assets is wide. This includes a large number of intangible assets such as accounts receivable, shares and cash held in accounts.. Entire properties, various industrial raw materials and vehicles were also confiscated.
"Bailiffs' investigations have progressed and will continue. This task is long-term and complex. In addition, new persons have been added to the EU sanctions list,” explained liaison specialist Aki Virtanen from the Collection Service.
Authorities have not released details of individual arrests or individuals whose property was seized. However, over the summer, the amount more than doubled.. Previously, it was about 80 million euros.