This year will be the most difficult heating season - Cabinet

19:10 15 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The authorities of Ukraine have been preparing for various scenarios of the heating season for three months, which will be the most difficult this year.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal announced this at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Friday, July 15.

According to him, a headquarters has been created in Ukraine to prepare for the heating season.. This preparation includes four main aspects: sufficient gas reserves, sufficient coal reserves, readiness of power generating enterprises and infrastructure, preparation for emergency situations.

According to the prime minister, Ukraine continues to pump gas and as of today has 11.3 billion cubic meters in underground storage. Opportunities were also created for the physical reverse of gas from Europe.
"Despite the hostilities, gas production by Ukrgasvydobycha practically did not decrease.. Naftogaz has been given the task of having 19 billion cubic meters of gas in storage before the start of the heating season," Shmyhal said.

Also, Ukraine has already prepared 1.5 million tons of coal. The government plans to increase coal reserves to 2 million tons by the beginning of winter.

In addition, the preparation of thermal power plants, boiler houses and other facilities for the heating season continues.