In the coming weeks, France will provide Ukraine with dozens of armored vehicles and light tanks

09:11 15 May Kyiv, Ukraine

France in the coming weeks will provide Ukraine with "dozens" of armored vehicles and "light" tanks, including the AMX-10RC, in addition, France will train the Ukrainian military.
Paris will also focus its "efforts on supporting Ukraine's air defense," according to a joint statement issued following the meeting between Presidents Zelensky and Macron.
"The military support that France has been providing since the start of the war to enable Ukraine to defend itself will continue as new military packages are prepared to address Ukraine's most urgent needs to strengthen its defense capability.. In the coming weeks, France will train and equip several battalions with dozens of armored vehicles and light tanks, including the AMX-10RC," the statement said.
During a meeting with Macron, Zelensky expressed hope that France would support the countries' joint decision on a "fighter coalition".

The presidents also discussed issues of interaction for the effective implementation of the Ukrainian formula for peace.
"The head of the Ukrainian state expressed hope for involvement in the Global Peace Summit, which is to be held this year, with the participation of as many countries as possible, in particular the states of the Global South. He thanked Emmanuel Macron for his diplomatic efforts aimed at ending Russia's war against Ukraine and achieving a just peace based on the Ukrainian peace formula.
The issue of France's support for Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic integration was also discussed.. It is noted that Zelensky specifically noted that Ukraine is waiting for specific political decisions of the Vilnius NATO summit in response to Ukraine's application for membership in the Alliance.