Ukrenergo estimated the month of electricity exports to the EU

13:48 26 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The press service of Ukrenergo on Tuesday, July 26, reports that Ukraine earned UAH 500 million in the first 27 days of exporting electricity to the European Union.

Each of the auctions for access to interstate power grids at cross-border crossings with Romania and Slovakia involved from six to 13 participants. In the direction of Romania in most trades - 10 or more companies, and in the direction of Slovakia - more than six companies. In total, more than 200 participants have already registered to participate in the auctions.

It is noted that the price of electricity in the EU exceeds the Ukrainian one by several times.. Currently, Ukrenergo is selling at auctions the entire available transmission capacity of links with Romania and Slovakia - 100 MW.

The weighted average daily price of access to interstate power grids at the intersections with Romania and Slovakia for 24 days was UAH 7,700/MW. The highest weighted average price of crossing was at auctions for delivery on July 26 - 14,600 UAH/MW. On the same day, an absolute price record was set in a single hour - 19,500 UAH/MW.

At the moment, Ukraine can export electricity to Romania, Slovakia and Hungary, the available amount of interstate connections to these countries is 100 MW. Also, Ukrainian electricity is exported to Poland (210 MW) and Moldova (600 MW available).

The volumes of exports of Ukrainian electricity to Europe will gradually expand in agreement with ENTSO-E.