Ukrainian defenders are fixed in the occupied territories - Gumenyuk

16:23 01 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian military continue fighting in the south and consolidate in the occupied territories.

This was announced by the head of the joint coordinating press center of the defense forces of southern Ukraine Natalia Gumenyuk at a briefing on September 1.
"Our units are engaged in positional battles. They are fixed in the territories where they are located. We continue to destroy the enemy's reserves, we continue to control the transport routes by which they are trying to pull up reserves. We continue to destroy their command posts and places of concentration of personnel and equipment. This is what concerns the reduction of the forces and capacities of the enemy," she said.
According to Gumenyuk, a large number of enemy forces still remain in the Kherson region.
“Their low morale is spreading even more today like a virus. They see each other, supposedly being the reserves of the unit, but in reality this is a tipping over from one geographical point to another. All this is an imitation of pulling up reserves so that they calm down. However, when they communicate with each other, they understand that they are all the same old units on this sector of the front. They continue to dream of being slightly injured to return to their homes," she said.
Gumenyuk also noted that official statements on the release of specific settlements are not provided from a humanitarian point of view.
"After all, such points immediately find themselves under enemy air and artillery strikes.. Everyone needs to understand this and not rush," the speaker of the defense forces of southern Ukraine said.