Ukrainian troops liberated Kupyansk - social networks

10:21 10 September Kyiv, Ukraine

On Saturday, September 10, a photo of the Ukrainian military appeared on the network in front of the building of the city council of Kupyansk, Kharkiv region. A torn off Russian flag lies on the ground at their feet, and Ukrainian flags are placed on the city council building.

Украинский флаг поднят над Купянском.

Before that, a video was published on social networks, allegedly filmed by Ukrainian fighters from the roof of one of the houses in Kupyansk.

Taking control of Kupyansk in the Kharkiv region is very important for Ukraine, since Kupyansk is a key transport hub.

"Kupyansk is a key strategic place through which the entire Kharkov grouping of Russian troops received reinforcements and reserves," Podolyak said.