Ukrainian military arrived in the United States for training with Patriot complexes - media

12:36 16 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian military arrived in the United States and will teach how to work with the Patriot air defense system.

This was reported by the journalist of the "Voice of America" Ostap Yarysh.
"About 100 Ukrainian military arrived in Oklahoma to begin training on the Patriot air defense system," he wrote on his Twitter.
According to Yarysh, the Pentagon has developed an accelerated training program for the military.
"According to estimates, it will take several months (standard lasts from six months to a year)," - said the journalist.
Patriot complexes developed by Raytheon were first deployed by the US Army in the mid-1980s.. Patriot is being modernized and is in service with more than 10 countries, in particular the United States, Israel, Germany, and Spain. Its role is to protect against air and missile threats as part of an integrated air defense system. Depending on the modification, this air defense system is capable of covering a radius of 100+ km, and shooting down ballistic missiles in a zone of 15-20 km. Maximum altitude - 20+ km, speed - 5000 km / h.