Ukrainian intelligence officers will receive another 105 UAVs with artificial intelligence from Germany

07:21 14 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Germany continues to increase military aid to Ukraine. Earlier, the German government decided to allocate an additional 12 billion euros for this. And from the message of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, it became known that our intelligence officers will receive 105 Vector drones under the contract of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with the German UAV manufacturer Quantum-Systems GmbH.

It is reported that this is the second batch of Vector drones for the Ukrainian army, funded by the German government.. In August 2022, Ukraine ordered and received 33 German UAVs of the same model, and they showed their high efficiency on the battlefield.

“It takes two minutes to start working with the Vector drone: the assembled bird has a wingspan of 2.8 meters and is launched from the hand,” the scouts say.

UAV Vector is equipped with electro-optical and infrared sensors, which allows you to detect hostile targets around the clock, and the rugged design of the UAV eliminates the influence of weather factors. Speed - up to 72 km / h. The duration of one flight is 120 minutes.

"Thanks to secure data transmission channels, Vector can broadcast real-time video to ground stations during combat missions.. The drone is equipped with advanced artificial intelligence capabilities for data analysis: built-in algorithms allow you to automatically identify objects and immediately transmit critical intelligence information to the ground.

Recall that Germany will arm Ukraine for another 2.7 billion euros.