Ukrainian brigade successfully trained in Sweden, preparing for future counteroffensive

19:05 18 May Kyiv, Ukraine

The Ukrainian brigade, consisting of three to five thousand servicemen, successfully completed training in Sweden, acquiring the skills to work on modern Western technology.

According to information originally published by The Times newspaper and confirmed by the Swedish public broadcaster SVT, citing a source, this brigade could be one of the most effective units taking part in a future counter-offensive.

The Swedish-trained Ukrainian brigade is equipped with modern Leopard 2 tanks, CV-90 combat vehicles and Archer artillery systems, making it one of the most powerful units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, according to The Times.

The British newspaper notes that this month (May) the brigade returned to Ukraine, ready for battle..

The media note that this is the first report about the training of Ukrainian units in Sweden, and officially the Swedish Defense Forces do not confirm or deny this information.