Ukrainians are not recommended to return to the de-occupied Kherson region

19:06 11 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian war criminals are still shelling this liberated territory of Kherson and energy facilities in the region.

This was announced by the press secretary of OK Yug Natalya Gumenyuk on air of the all-Ukrainian news telethon on Friday, November 1.
"Settlements in the Berislav region, which have already been liberated from the presence of the enemy, there are constant shelling and the situation is deteriorating. Infrastructure and communications suffer. We do not recommend returning there. Winter is coming and it is likely that it will be impossible to resume communications and services to the local population," she stressed.
The representative of the press service of the Operational Command noted that the Russians were shelling the de-occupied territory.

It should be noted that the Russians are shelling the Nikopol district, which is actually located opposite the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.