Ukraine has completed the ratification of the Istanbul Convention

15:35 18 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine has officially completed the procedure for ratifying the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, known as the Istanbul Convention.
The relevant documents have been handed over to the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe Bjorn Berge, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Maria Pejcinovic Buric said.

Ukraine participated in the development of the convention and was one of the first to sign it back in 2011, but it took 11 years to ratify the document in full.

The process was slowed down mainly due to the stereotyped understanding of the concept of "gender" and the position of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches, which believed that the current convention would threaten "the moral foundations and family values of Ukrainian society."

The requirement to ratify the convention was voiced as a prerequisite for the approval of the status of a candidate for EU membership by EU member states.
"I sincerely welcome the transfer today by Ukraine of the instrument of ratification of the Istanbul Convention of the Council of Europe. Ukraine is the 36th country party to this landmark agreement,” said Peychinovich Buric.