Ukraine Demands Investigation of False Data in CBS Film on Arms Transfers

14:15 08 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Dmitry Kuleba called on the American television and radio network CBS to conduct an internal investigation.

CBS Reports released a documentary about arms control problems in Ukraine called Arming Ukraine. It said that only 30% of Western arms supplies eventually reach the Ukrainian military.

Following its publication, CBS updated the material "to reflect changes since the filming of the documentary". CBS also noted that changes will be made to the film itself.

In particular, a quote from the organization’s volunteer from Lithuania, Jonas Ohman, was removed from the article, who estimated at the end of April that about 30% of aid goes to the front line in Ukraine. Also, the tweet with this quote has been removed from Twitter.
"Jonas Ochman says that since filming with CBS at the end of April, the quality of deliveries has improved a lot.. The government of Ukraine notes that US Defense Attache Brigadier General Garrick M.. Harmon arrived in Kyiv in August 2022 for arms control and monitoring," the editorial office said.

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba welcomed the editorial's step, but noted that it was not enough.
"You have deceived a huge audience by spreading unfounded claims and undermining confidence in the supply of vital military aid to a nation that is resisting aggression and genocide.. An internal investigation should be carried out as to who allowed this and why," the Foreign Minister wrote.