Ukraine will receive the twelfth aid package from Finland

10:47 20 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The Finnish government announced the allocation of 12 military assistance packages to Ukraine, which will include heavy artillery and ammunition.
This was reported on the website of the Finnish government on Friday, January 20.
"Ukraine still needs support to defend its territory, and the current package of military equipment is clearly the largest to date.. Finland supplies Ukraine with heavy artillery and ammunition," Defense Minister Mikko Savola said.
According to the statement, the total value of the equipment provided by this assistance package is more than 400 million euros. Its content is not disclosed.
In total, Finland supplied Ukraine with military assistance in the amount of 590 million euros.
"For operational reasons and to ensure that the delivery reaches its destination, no further details on the content of the assistance, delivery method or schedule will be provided.. When deciding on additional assistance, both the needs of Ukraine and the resources of the Defense Forces were taken into account," the Finnish government added.