Ukraine will open embassies in ten African countries

19:14 23 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Next year, 2023, Ukraine will open embassies in ten African countries.

Based on Zelensky's appeal to the Ukrainian ambassadors "War and new horizons in the world" on Friday.
"Next year we will increase our activities. Particular attention to those regions and those continents where our interests, so far, are represented less than we need for the good of Ukraine and our defense against Russian aggression. In particular, Africa. We are already resetting relations with dozens of countries in Africa. Next year we have to strengthen it. 10 states have already been identified where new embassies of Ukraine in Africa will be opened. We also developed the concept of the Ukraine-Africa Trading House, he noted.
Zelensky added that, together with the existing representations in 10 African countries, Ukraine should achieve representation in 30 countries of this continent.