Ukraine may receive Hawk air defense systems from the US - media

11:29 25 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The US is considering sending older Hawk air defense systems to Ukraine to defend against Russian drone and missile attacks. This is reported by Reuters, citing two US officials.

It is noted that the Hawk interceptor missiles will be an upgrade of the Stinger missile systems, a smaller and shorter-range air defense system that the US has already sent to Ukraine.

The Biden administration will use the President's Cost Reduction Authority (PDA) to transfer Hawk equipment. The PDA allows the United States to rapidly transfer defense supplies and services from warehouses without congressional approval in response to an emergency.

Reuters was unable to determine how many Hawk systems and missiles to transfer to the United States. The White House declined to comment.

According to agency sources, Hawk is the predecessor of the Patriot systems, which will not be delivered to Ukraine yet.

The Hawk anti-aircraft missile system was developed to destroy aircraft, and then was upgraded to intercept missiles in the air. The Hawk entered service in 1959. A major system upgrade program was undertaken in 1971, which included several upgrades to the missile and replaced all radar systems with new models.

Improvements continued for the next twenty years, including the addition of improved electronic protection, the ability to aim at jammers, and in 1995 the addition of a new warhead that made it possible to operate against short-range tactical missiles.

The complex itself is estimated at 15 million. dollars, and missiles for them at 250 thousand dollars per unit.