Russians have orders to block the ports of Odessa and Ochakovo and mine the Black Sea - CNN

15:21 24 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Official Moscow continues to use Ukrainian grain as a weapon, despite all the statements. There are orders for further blocking of Ukrainian ports, mining of the Black Sea and the Dnieper River.
This is reported by CNN, citing a source in the US government.

Western governments have directly accused Moscow of organizing world hunger and turning food into a kind of weapon.. Leaders and experts are warning of a looming food crisis, with millions of tons of Ukrainian grain unable to reach the market due to a war unleashed by Russia.
“We can confirm that, despite Russian public statements that it does not mine the northwestern part of the Black Sea, Russia does plant mines in the Black Sea near Ochakovo,” a US official said.
At a meeting with reporters on Thursday hosted by the US State Department's Africa Regional Media Center, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said: "We should not buy into the argument that Ukraine has blocked the sea with mines to prevent cargo or ships from getting in and out." .

Reference: The food crisis is another Russian hybrid attack designed to discredit Ukraine and blackmail the West in order to lift sanctions. Ukrainian ports with thousands of tons of grain were blocked due to the Russian attack on Ukraine. For more than a hundred days, Russia has been keeping ships in the Black Sea, shelling Ukraine with missiles, and there has also been a threat of landing in Odessa. However, Russia is doing its best to shift the blame for a possible famine to Ukraine.. In addition, Russia uses blackmail from the West: it asks for sanctions to be lifted in exchange for the deblockade of ports, thereby confirming that it is guilty of the current situation. Meanwhile, the occupying troops, under the control of Kremlin proteges, are stealing Ukrainian grain in the occupied territories.