US signs record $800 million defense budget for Ukraine

19:35 23 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Joe Biden signed a record $858 billion United States defense budget for 2023, which also includes funds for military assistance to Ukraine.

This was reported in the White House.

On Friday, December 23, 2022, the President signed HR. 7776, the FY 2023 National Defense Appropriations Act, which approves FY 2023 appropriations primarily for programs:
  • Departments of Defense and Military Construction, Department of Energy National Security Programs, and Intelligence Programs;
  • determines increases in basic pay for military personnel and other powers associated with the US military;
  • approves appropriations for the State Department, Department of Homeland Security.
$45 billion more in defense budget than President Joe Biden first proposed. The budget includes wage increases for the US military, funding for arms purchases, support for Taiwan threatened by China, and 800 million military support for Ukraine to repel Russian aggression.

The Senate of the US Congress approved the defense budget on December 16. The House of Representatives - the lower house of Congress - approved the defense budget on December 8.