US allocates $1.2 billion in new military aid to Ukraine

16:48 09 May Kyiv, Ukraine

US allocates new $1.2bn military aid package to Ukraine. dollars, according to the Pentagon website.

The package will include:
  • additional air defense systems and ammunition;
  • equipment for the integration of Western launchers, missiles and radars with Ukrainian air defense systems;
  • ammunition to combat unmanned aerial systems;
  • artillery shells of 155 mm caliber;
  • commercial satellite imagery services.
It's also about training support, maintenance and activity support.

As the US Department of Defense explained, in particular, we are talking about supporting Ukraine, including to strengthen its air defense and meet the needs for artillery ammunition.. This package, totaling up to $1.2 billion, is provided under the Ukraine Assistance Initiative (USAI).
“Unlike the Presidential Arms Decision (PDA), which the Department of Defense continues to use to supply Ukraine with Department of Defense equipment on a historic scale, USAI is an authority under which the United States purchases weapons from industry or from partners.. This announcement is the beginning of the process of concluding contracts to provide Ukraine with additional priority capabilities," the Pentagon explained.