The United States imposed restrictions on the sale of a number of chips to Russia and China

09:45 01 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The White House has imposed restrictions on the sale of chips to Russia and China used for supercomputing and artificial intelligence.
The New York Times writes about it.

GPU makers Nvidia and AMD said the government is now requiring export licenses to sell two types of high-performance chips used in server systems. The new requirement is expected to limit the use of semiconductors for military purposes by China and Russia.

These chips were originally developed for rendering images in video games, but in the last decade have been widely used for the largest supercomputers, weapons development and intelligence gathering. Artificial intelligence is increasingly being used for purposes such as identifying faces in video images.

Nvidia does not work with Russia, but supplies goods to the Chinese market. AMD announced that the new restrictions apply to sales in the Russian Federation and China and powerful graphics cards.

China wanted to resell the RF chips. Now he can't.