The United States will provide everything necessary for the liberation of Kherson

10:20 05 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The United States promised to provide Ukraine with the necessary assistance to liberate Kherson. This was stated by US security adviser Jake Sullivan in a conversation with reporters during his visit to Ukraine, writes European Truth.

Jake Sullivan noted that the operation to liberate Kherson became one of the topics of discussion during his visit to Ukraine, and is also discussed outside the visit.

“I had the opportunity to receive reports from the military leaders of Ukraine on the planning of these efforts (to liberate Kherson), and of course the US military is in close contact with the Ukrainians and discusses this. It is not my job to assess the situation on the battlefield. My job is to make sure we provide Ukraine with what it needs to make this happen," he said.

Sullivan also promised additional assistance tailored to the needs of the Kherson operation.

"I asked again today what is needed, and I am confident that we can provide what is needed for this battle," he said.

It should be noted that Western officials believe that the occupiers have paved the way for their withdrawal from Kherson, the largest Ukrainian city that Russian troops have managed to capture since the start of a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.