US can buy NASAMS missile defense systems for Ukraine

10:56 27 June Kyiv, Ukraine

The United States plans to announce the purchase of a medium-range and long-range missile defense system (ABM) for Ukraine in the near future.
This is reported by CNN, citing sources in the White House.
According to him, the Joe Biden administration may also announce plans to supply other types of military assistance, including ammunition and counter-battery radars.
US President Joe Biden recently announced that the US will provide Ukraine with better missile systems and munitions as the war with Russia continues.

Ukraine has requested a NASAMS (Norwegian Advanced Surface to Air Missile System) missile defense system that can hit targets over 100 miles away, CNN's own sources told CNN.. The channel's source did not specify whether these particular weapons will be included in the new military aid package.

U.S. approves $40bn military aid to Ukraine in May. The Joe Biden administration announced a new $450 million package last week.. Among other things, it included the HIMARS multiple launch rocket system.