The US added the Russian Federation to the list of countries in which wrongful detention is possible

17:19 19 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The US presidential administration has added Russia to the list of countries in which wrongful detention is possible.. In addition to the Russian Federation, the list includes such countries as North Korea, China, Myanmar, Iran and Venezuela. They were assigned to a new Category D, which refers to a country in which US citizens are threatened with wrongful detention, arrest or imprisonment.
The White House has indicated that indicator D, which refers to the risk of wrongful detention by a foreign government, will be added to the existing indicator K, which indicates the risk of kidnapping by non-state actors.
"The Administration will introduce a new risk indicator in the State Department's travel advisory that highlights the heightened risk of wrongful detention Americans face in certain countries," a US administration official said during the briefing.
This decision was made, among other things, against the backdrop of a trial of a citizen of the United States of America, WNBA champion Brittany Griner, who was captured at Sheremetyevo Airport earlier this year.. She was accused of drug smuggling for a vape with hash oil, which, according to the American, she was prescribed by a doctor.