The Russian aggressor himself voiced a fake about the "dirty bomb of Ukraine"

17:02 26 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The head of the Kremlin regime, having told a fake about the "dirty bomb of Ukraine", he said this at a video meeting with participants in a meeting of the Council of Heads of Security Agencies and Special Services of the CIS countries on Wednesday, October 26.
"They ignore the statements of the Kyiv regime to get nuclear weapons. After all, it was said publicly by the Kyiv authorities about this. No - everyone is silent. There are also plans to use the so-called "dirty bomb" for provocation, Putin said.
He also remembered another Russian fake - about biological laboratories in Ukraine.
"The United States has turned Ukrainian territory into a testing ground for biological experiments... and continues to" pump it up with heavy weapons... and use it as a battering ram against Russia," Putin said.
In addition, the president said that a "black arms market" is being formed in Ukraine, and there is even "a risk of man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems and high-precision weapons falling into the hands of malefactors."

In conclusion, he spoke about the fact that "the spread of foreign mercenaries with combat experience poses a threat to the CIS countries."

According to Putin, it is necessary to more actively open and stop the work of foreign intelligence services in the CIS in order to combat interference in internal affairs.