Russian invaders stepped up checks on civilians in southern Ukraine - CNS

19:42 07 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The Russian occupiers stepped up their "counter-sabotage" measures in the big cities of the south against the backdrop of the successes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The invaders are looking for partisans and members of the underground.

This was reported by the Center for National Resistance (CNS) on Wednesday, September 7.

In cities, the number of searches and inspections of public and private transport has increased. Checks of phones and personal data can take place even on the street.

The CNS gave some advice on how not to arouse suspicion among the invaders. In particular, it is necessary to prepare the phone and other equipment in advance.

All discussions of political issues, hostilities, as well as the condemnation of the policies of Putin and Russia, photos of military equipment, destruction.
"Make sure that there are no suspicious contacts in the phone book: for example, "Katya Volunteer", "Sasha VSU", call signs of your friends, if any," the Center added.